Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The first in the series of movies that I had to watch of akira kurasawa for my cinematic art class.I went with my friend as usual but a bit excited(this was so different from the normal lecture).We chatted for some time with the people there while the movie was being copied.After 15 mins the show began.The movie print was not good given the fact that it was very old and in black and white so I thought i would just sleep through the movie.

The first 15 minutes were normal uneventful with a boring soundtrack and some nondescript dialogue.my eye lids began to droop and then i was jolted awake by the actors' narration and a creepy soundtrack.from then on i was alert.The plot was good.I felt that the director wanted to let the viewer decide for himself what the exact story was .The acting was excellent.There are some scenes where i felt bored but that feeling was erased by fascination.

Over all i felt that the movie was good but some scenes were too long for my liking.I recommend it for any one who wants to see some different story telling.

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